Top 4 Best Beaches in Italy

Beaches have this sweet thing about them; they seem to have this graceful combination of different natural dispositions and the relaxing breeze from the oceans. But owing to the natural disposal that are seen in different parts of the world and also management, some beaches seem more mind-blowing than others. Most of these mind-blowing beaches […]


Best Places to Camp in Italy

Italy has so many beautiful campsites that are so captivating. Most of the campgrounds seem to be elegant because of the natural dispositions they possess and others because of their architectural wonders. There are numerous comfortable and safe campsites in Italy. The top campsites in Italy include; Tuscany Tourists in search of beautiful and safe […]


Best Places For Vacation In Italy

Italy is located in the Southern part of Europe and is currently a top place to travel to in the world today. Lots of tourists troop into the country for several reasons: art treasures, beautiful landscapes, interesting people and culture, fashion shows and festivals, delicious delicacies, opera houses and many other attractions. There is a […]


Top 4 Places For Outdoor Adventures In Italy

Italy may be known for pizza, spaghetti, and delicious wines, but various adventures activities happen in the country every year. Thousands of tourists troop into the country in search of these adventure and are not disappointed as there a breathtaking sites in the country that offers complete adventure packages to visitors. Here are some places […]

Top 7 Best Cafes to Visit in Italy

Top 7 Best Cafes to Visit in Italy

The local cafes in Italy are extremely popular and the heart of most Italian villages. There are numerous Italian cafes to choose from whether you are a local or just visiting. Italy is known for pizza and spaghetti, however, you can find many other delicious Italian staples at any nearby cafe, from cappuccinos to croissants. […]


Top Natural Sights to Visit in Italy

Here are a few of the greatest natural sights in Italy. Furore Located in the coast of Amalfi, we have a hidden village called Furore. Apparently, this small place has been off the grid for a long time for anyone who passed by. Until the mayor decided that it was too beautiful to remain hidden. […]


The Best Parks In Italy

Are you an adrenalin addicts that enjoys riding crazy rollercoasters, or traveller that loves visiting places, then Italy is just the right place for you? Italy is a European country that has a great number of amazing amusement parks and gives you the opportunity to choose. You will never regret visiting any place you chose […]


Places to see while on vacation in Italy

This article is an inside guide into top places and cities, and some interesting spots to visit while on vacation to Italy. Including the best couples and families, in locations that includes Venice, Florence, Rome, The Amalfi Coast, Milan, The Italian Lakes, Sicily and much more! Florence: Florence, known as the cradle of Renaissance is […]


3 Great Wetlands for Tours in Europe

Wetlands are the natural reserve of water bodies which are filled with so many water organisms. Most of these organisms are quickly going into extinction so many wetlands are protected to reserve these organisms. Are you planning on touring a wetland in Europe? Join us as we bring you a comprehensive description of three amazing […]


All You need to Know About the Apulo Albanian Wetlands

Albаnіа іѕ аmоng thе Mediterranean соuntrіеѕ with vеrу rich есо-ѕуѕtеm. Thе wеtlаnd есоѕуѕtеm оrіgіnаtеd frоm thе соаlіtіоn оf a vеrу rісh nеtwоrk оf wetland аrеаѕ. In thе 1940ѕ, thеѕе wеtlаndѕ were grаduаllу dіѕіntеgrаtеd and rоund 1950 the Albаnіаn coastal area had аbоut 250,000 ha оf nаturаl areas (60,000 ha оf that figure were mаrѕhlаndѕ). Thе […]