3 Great Wetlands for Tours in Europe

Wetlands are the natural reserve of water bodies which are filled with so many water organisms. Most of these organisms are quickly going into extinction so many wetlands are protected to reserve these organisms. Are you planning on touring a wetland in Europe? Join us as we bring you a comprehensive description of three amazing wetlands in Europe

The Camargue Wetlands in France

One of the best wetlands in Europe is the Camargue wetlands in France. The wetland covers the Rhone river coastal region in the southeast area of France. Up to one-third of the whole Camargue is either a marshland or lake. The Camargue wetlands have been dubbed as one of the best places in Europe for bird lovers to come and watch different varieties of birds. The Camargue also has brine ponds that house plenty flamingos, serving as one of the few European natural habitats as great ponds for flamingos. The wetland is also renowned for the Camargue horse and the Camargue bull.

The Azores Islands in Portugal

Another great wetland that you can tour in Europe is the Azores Island in Portugal. The Azores Island is known as one of the biggest wetlands where tourist can visit for whale and dolphin watching. There are varieties of whales and dolphins that attract thousands of tourists all year round to the location. You will always spot a whale watching boats on trips filled with excited tourists. The wetland houses the popular bottlenose, Risso’s dolphins, and the sperm whales. A tourist who visits in the spring will also have the chance to watch fin and sei whales. Sometimes, a tourist might even be lucky enough to watch the giant blue whale too. Explorers who love to watch Atlantic spotted dolphin, pilot whales and even striped dolphin usually visits the Azores Island.

The Portuguese Island of Madeira

For tourists who want to watch monk seals and search for their favourite dolphins, the wetlands of Madeira will be the right place to be. The island of Madeira was formed by the tip of a volcano that rose to about six kilometres from the North Atlantic Ocean floor. You will enjoy great boat cruise while watching whales and dolphin as the wetland waters are very deep and cold. It is also a great location for tourists to watch short-finned pilot whales and other species of whales as they pass through the island on their annual migration. If you visit the island of Madeira between the month of March and September, you might be lucky enough to see the Bryde’s whales and the sperm whales. Dolphin lovers will also see the common Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins.

The three famous deserts islands which are yet to be inhabited are a natural reserve to preserve and protect monk seals and monachus monachus which prefer to lounge in these wetlands. The monk seal is said to be the rarest seal in the world with just 500 remaining worldwide. This island houses a colony of 30 is a favourite location for those who love to watch the seals. Now that you have this information, you can effectively plan your next wetland tour. These locations are fun-filled as you will get to relax and take in nature and its amazing beauty.