Best Mountains to Climb in Italy

Italy has some spectacular scenery and amazing mountains. Some of these mountains are very good for climbing. One such mountain that is popular is the Herbetet. This mountain stands at an elevation of 3,778 meters above sea level. People have been climbing Herbetet since 1873. There is also a hiking trail that crosses this mountain, but it is demanding and requires that conditions be good. Hiking this trail or climbing this mountain will certainly give you some breathtaking views of the Gran Paridiso Alps. There are four glaciers and steep cliffs on this mountain, thus to summit this mountain definitely does require proper climbing gear.

High Mountains

The Gran Paridiso Mountain stands higher than the Herbetet at 4,061 meters. This mountain is in the Gran Paridiso National Park which has beautiful meadows, forests and waterfalls. The mountain itself does require mountain climbing gear once you have finished walking the rocky paths and you reach the glacier. The summit has a large statue of Madonna on it. This is a popular mountain to climb in Italy and it is also one of the highest mountains found in Italy.

If you want to climb the highest mountain in the Graian Alps, then you should tackle Monte Bianco which stands at a height of 4,808 meters. This mountain always has snow on the summit and parts of the mountain may not be accessible because of snow in winter. The mountain stands between France and Italy and is very popular. In fact, over 20,000 people have climbed Monte Bianco over the years. The mountain is high meaning that it is somewhat dangerous to climb because of the risk of altitude sickness.

The Marmalado is a mountain that is in the Dolomite mountain range. It is very high and does require that you have mountaineering gear if you plan to reach the summit. There is a hut on the summit in which you can rest once you have summited the mountain.

Mountain Climbing and Other Activities

Monte Rosa is a group of mountains that are very popular with tourists which means that mountain climbing is not the only activity. In fact, there are even cable cars in the region and the area is popular with skiers and hikers.

One of the mountains in the Monte Rosa is the Matterhorn. This is possibly the most well-known mountain outside of Italy. The Matterhorn has a distinctive pyramidal shape and it stands at a height of 4,478 meters. There is hiking and skiing on the mountain in addition to mountain climbing. You can also take a trip around the mountain which is not easy and certainly requires that you be quite well trained. The Matterhorn is located between Switzerland and Italy. Many climbers try to climb the Matterhorn by way of the northeast Hörnli ridge. It is a difficult climb and does require experience.

These mountains we have discussed are among the best mountains in Italy for mountain climbing purposes. The views and sheer beauty of the mountains and the surroundings certainly make this a worthwhile adventure for those people who enjoy a challenge and have experience in mountain climbing.