Best Places For Vacation In Italy

Italy is located in the Southern part of Europe and is currently a top place to travel to in the world today. Lots of tourists troop into the country for several reasons: art treasures, beautiful landscapes, interesting people and culture, fashion shows and festivals, delicious delicacies, opera houses and many other attractions. There is a large variety of things to do and to see in Italy, and it will take so much time for you to cover all the beautiful places. This is why we bring you some of the greatest spots to vacation at in Italy. You will surely want to visit the holy country after reading through this list.


Naples is a very popular and busy modern day city. Naples is currently the capital of the Campania area in the south of Italy. You will find a large treasure hidden in artworks, historic venues and sites and plenty other exciting attractions. The city has plenty choice shops, restaurants, and nightlife venues.

Some of the best Italian foods come from this region: the pizza, spaghetti, and parmigiana are all from Naples. So you will be treated with these meals right from the source made with fresh and local ingredients. Naples also features other popular tourist sites like the bay of Naples and Pompeii.


You will love to stay at Como as the Lake District lies across all parts of Northern Italy. The southern ends of the lakes are naturally flat, but the northern ends rise like a mountain as the lakes reach deep into the Alps.  This town has been among the most visited parts of Italy for over 100 years now, and more tourists check out the city every year. The town combines attractive scenery with good weather to provide an amazing experience for its visitors.You will find stunning water bodies like the Garda Lake with is the largest lake in the region and offers one of the fascinating scenery in its mountainous northern areas. You just need to see these places for yourself, and you will not regret any time spent of visiting these places.


Sicily is the largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea; the region is autonomous and has some other smaller isles attached to it. The island is separate from the mainland region of Calabria by the 5km straits of Messina. This region is very rich in art, food, and culture and it is renowned as one of the first areas where the great Mediterranean civilization kick-started.There are so many attractive places you will love to visit in Sicily: from the Baroque churches in Palermo to the Agrigento’s Valley of Temples; there is just so much for you to see.


Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is also known as the “FIVE LANDS” because of its five major villages: Manarola, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Vernazza an Monterosso. This place is in the country’s northwestern coastal region of Liguria. You will find some of the country’s most beautiful landscape filled with cliff sides and wine terraces that have existed over a hundred years ago.The region has some of the country’s best hiking paths that have been in existence for over hundred years; an example is the Blue Trail which is a paved trail that connects all the five villages.