Best Places to Camp in Italy

Italy has so many beautiful campsites that are so captivating. Most of the campgrounds seem to be elegant because of the natural dispositions they possess and others because of their architectural wonders. There are numerous comfortable and safe campsites in Italy. The top campsites in Italy include;


Tourists in search of beautiful and safe areas for wild camping, historical explorations, and family vacation! Tuscany is a place you should long to visit. Nostalgia, unique cuisine, the culture, shows all this place offers and why it has become one of the most popular camping destinations for travelers. Tuscany offers many sights and activities that are safe for children and any group; the area is family friendly. Tuscany is just like ‘a home away from home.’ There are these fantastic farmhouses that resemble a condo in a rural setting. The accommodation provides all necessities and luxury; the pools, restaurants, horseback riding, tennis court and the spectacular trails. The accommodation allows a relaxing calendar. The beautiful sight of the early morning sunrise, the majestic mountains, charming island, unspoiled forest and everything is just breathtaking. When camping in Tuscany endeavor to visit the Etruscan cave, climb through Etruscan tombs, or travel sunken walkways; the sight is marvelous.

Calabria Region

This wonderland is located at the south of Italy – lapped by the crystal blue Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. The beautiful sights of the bays and beaches are every camper’s dream. Calabria has the beach resort of Tropea on the Mediterranean Sea and less crowded swimming spots including great land expeditions in the whole of the Capo Vaticanocape. Tropea is well-known in Italy for its red onions, so much so that the town even has a gelato which is seasoned by them. The valleys, hills and sea view has this great sight one would like to behold every morning. The Calabria region has so many nature reserves including the most mountainous district of Italy as a whole.

The cultural and national center of Crotone and Cosenza, on the other hand, gives a foretaste of Calabria’s rich history. The Palazzo Arnone of Cosenza has some of the district’s most valued historical art in its art gallery, and the town also hosts an open-air gallery with contemporary artworks by Greco and Dali. The town of Crotone also had an exceptional influence on vegetarianism through Pythagoras the famous mathematician and his selected followers. The Cairo town is renowned for its wine, served up to the Ancient Greek Olympians and still in production date.

If that’s not enough to tempt you south on your Italian holiday, then add Reggio di Calabria to the list, the birthplace of the Versace children and an art deco city on the region’s coastal tip. The local museum holds the prized Riace Warriors, two statues found underwater and dating back to the height of the classical Greek era. Italy is calling your name! If you’re on the hunt to get outdoors on your summer travels to Italy take a look at these spots!