How to Protect the Wetlands

How to Protect the Wetlands

The notion of humans protecting vulnerable ecosystems isn’t new. There are many that spring to mind, like endangered species in Africa or the coral reefs in the Carribean. There will be very few people, however, who will think of wetlands as in need of protection. But wetlands are one of the ways that nature regulates […]

13 days of Central and Northern Italy

If you are an avid traveler, you would have been to Italy already or at least is in your to-go list. Italy is one of the most popular destinations, it’s its cuisine, its gracefulness, the landscapes, the beaches, the cities, the history, and I could go on for hours on the reasons to visit Italy, […]

Naples’ Specialty: The Best Pizza Ever

Neapolitans take huge pride on their culture, on San Gennaro and on their pizza. According to Neapolitans you can only find real pizza in Naples. To Neapolitans the pizzas made in other parts of Italy and in the rest of the world are unacceptable imitations. Authentic pizzas are made with the proper ingredients: Pasta, Tomato, […]

Top Places to Visit in Tuscany

Italy is full of tourist attractions and charming secluded spots, Tuscany, located in the central region of Italy, not only counts with that but also has some of the most renowned historical sites, splendid backdrops and art. This region is worth an extensive stay, as it also counts with seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Today […]

Travel to Naples, Taste Real Pizza

If there is something that the Neapolitans take pride in, even over their venerated San Gennaro, it is to have invented pizza. According to them, only in Naples can the authentic pizzas be found, made with the right ingredients: pasta, tomato, mozzarella, and basil. For them, the rest of the pizzas that are made in […]

Tips to Travel to Italy (And How Not to Screw it up)

Italy is a fascinating country, and we don’t say it just because around 50% of the world loves Italian food. Being objective, Italy has everything: history, culture, traditions, and gastronomy! And you, as a good travel lover, for sure have had Italy in your bucket list for a long time. But maybe you just don’t […]

Top Places to Visit in Tuscany

Tuscany is a stunning part of Italy to visit with charming secluded spots and tourist attractions. It is found in the central region of Italy and includes some of the most renowned historical sites, art and magnificent backdrops. In fact, there are seven UNESCO world heritage sites found in that region alone. Definitely worth an […]

Easy Day Trips from Rome

There are several options if you want to go on a day trip from Rome. There are many places to visit and sites to see near the famous capital. For instance, you can take a trip to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii; choose a guided tour with an expert. It is a 20-minute hike to the […]

Top Islands to Visit in Italy

Italy is a dream destination for many people who go on vacation, and part of the appeal is the fact that there are islands that one can visit. There are many islands off the coast of Italy. Some of them are smaller than others, some are bigger and more populated. You can travel to them […]