Easy Day Trips from Rome

There are several options if you want to go on a day trip from Rome. There are many places to visit and sites to see near the famous capital. For instance, you can take a trip to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii; choose a guided tour with an expert. It is a 20-minute hike to the summit where you can enjoy the breathtaking views. It is accessible year-round, however, it is worth noting that it is safer to hike in the summer months, as the winter can be quite treacherous. Tour guides can also take you to the ruins of Pompeii. There are various architectural digs in this now UNESCO world heritage site. For example, you can see the excavation of the incredible 5,000-seat Teatro Grande at Pompeii, and you can hear all about the history of the city and the famous eruption that caused its complete demise.

Naples and Pmpeii

There are day tours that go to Naples and Pompeii. In Naples you can visit various places such as the Piazza del Plebiscito, which is in the historic center of the city. Other places to see in Naples include Teatro di San Carlo, Castel Nuovo, and Galleria Umberto l. There, you can immerse yourself in the centuries old architecture and art. Some of the older buildings also have impressive frescoes.

Country Side Cities

If you have always wanted to see Tuscany, then this is doable from Rome. The countryside, small towns and wine making in the area are beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Plan to visit the beautiful countryside in the Val d’Orcia region, and on your way make sure to pop in to Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage town. Pienza is found between the two wine towns of Montepulciano and Montalcino. There are some amazing monuments to see in Pienza, including the Palazzo Piccolomini and the beautiful Duomo, which is a cathedral. You can view some amazing architecture in Pienza.

Stroll around Montepulciano, which is a town that has spectacular views of the countryside and is well-known for its incredible Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which is a delicious and popular full-bodied red wine.  Montalcino is another little town in the area that should be on your list. Located on a hill it gives a stunning panoramic view of the valleys of Arbia, Ombrone and Asso of the Tuscany area.


If you have ever wanted to visit a beautiful island, then a day trip to Capri is a good idea. The island of Capri is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea. There is a boat from Naples which is on the coast. Once on the island of Capri you can visit the spectacular Blue Grotto. This is a sea cave that is only accessible by boat and at low tide, but its clear blue water and surreal location are astounding. While on the island you can also visit the lovely village of Anacapri, which will give you nice views of the bay of Naples. These are some terrific day trips that you can take from Rome.