Tips to Travel to Italy (And How Not to Screw it up)

Italy is a fascinating country, and we don’t say it just because around 50% of the world loves Italian food. Being objective, Italy has everything: history, culture, traditions, and gastronomy! And you, as a good travel lover, for sure have had Italy in your bucket list for a long time.

But maybe you just don’t know how to prepare a trip to the bel paese?

Don’t you worry, here we bring you a few tips to travel to Italy (and not screw it up). Visiting Milan, Cinque Terre, Venice, Florence, The Tuscany, Rome, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast in 7 days is really a logistical madness and also, it’s impossible!

It’s better to make different trips to the country and focus the travel days in a very concrete area, go back home, and then plan the next visit. This way you’ll be sure to visit all the amazing places that Italy has to offer and actually enjoy it!

The Best of The Best for a First Trip

Of course, it’s easy to say for those who live in Europe, now, if you travel from far away and you only have a week of time it’s more than understandable that you want to see the best of the best, so in your case it’s recommended visiting its 3 most known treasures: Venice (1 day), Florence (2 days) and Rome (4 days).

Planning Several 1-Week Trips

If instead of the above you’re lucky enough to travel to Italy more frequently, we recommend dividing it into 3 zones: north, center, and south. Plan several trips with very, very attractive itineraries, such as 7 days in the northwest of Italy, where you can divide your time into  Milan (1 day), Lake Como (3 days), Genova (1 day) and Cinque Terre (2 days).

Then, when you plan your second trip, spend 7 days in the north-east of Italy. You can visit Trieste (1 day), a Road trip through Friuli (1 day), Venice (2 days), Padova (1 day), Verona (1 day) and Bologna (1 day).
Or, you can take 7 days in The Tuscany, Florence (2 days), road trip through The Tuscany (4 days), Siena (1 day) and last but not least, your final trip to fully know Italy should be composed of 7 days in The Campania, Naples (2 days), Capri (1 day), Pompeii (1 day) and finish with a trip to Costiera Amalfitana (3 days).

Don’t Forget the Lesser-known Destinations!

It’s true that the “Holy Trinity” (Rome, Florence, and Venice) is the one tour that takes all the honors, but Italy has much more to offer and there are regions, areas, and cities that are super beautiful and almost never get visitors. Some examples are the Aeolian Islands, Puglia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, or Calabria.

Renting a Car, Yes or no?

Just to clear things out: Italians aren’t known for being the most patient and easygoing drivers, and in certain areas, it gets even worse! However, one trip you’ll always remember is the road trip through the Tuscany.

However, this option would rule in the case of wanting to see only large cities: traffic can become very oppressive and not to mention the parking lots! Also, bear in mind that in most Italian cities there are limited traffic zones.