Top 4 Places For Outdoor Adventures In Italy

Italy may be known for pizza, spaghetti, and delicious wines, but various adventures activities happen in the country every year. Thousands of tourists troop into the country in search of these adventure and are not disappointed as there a breathtaking sites in the country that offers complete adventure packages to visitors. Here are some places where you will find amazing outdoor adventures in Italy.

Explore Caves in Le Marche

If you are an ancient caveman, then you would love the caves in Le Marche. The site has some of the most amazing caves in the country. You will find the Grotte di Frasassi made of stalactite and stalagmite formations covering multiple caverns. This place has some of the biggest caverns, and one of its underground cave can take in the 5th largest church in the world comfortably. You will also explore the Grotta di Monte Cucco, which are the world’s deepest cave systems.You can start off by taking virtual tours of caves In the website of the Grotte di Frasassi and enjoy what it feels to explore the caves.

Go Hiking In The Dolomites

There are places where you can go hiking in Italy, but the Dolomites offer the fascinating experience of them all. You can base in the small town of Bolzano which is very close to the Dolomites and start your adventure from there.  The mountains of Dolomites offers so many fun-filled activities for its visitors; you can hike, snowboard, parasail, kayak or even bike through these mountains. There are plenty trails which you can use either by yourself or with the help of a tour guide. You cannot have enough fun here. There are so many exciting challenges you would love to accomplish, but the most thrilling of them all is hiking through the Via Ferrata or “Iron Way.” This is the original world war one mountain and is accessed through bridges, ladder, and iron cables, the sight alone is breathtaking.

Go Kayaking in Naples

You can choose to go Kayaking in the coastline of Naples and be sure you will not be disappointed. The coastline in Naples has stunning scenery, and you will enjoy all these views when you browse through the city. You will also get the opportunity to take advantage of the tours offered in Napoli. You can explore another island like Procida or even head towards Capri. In Capri, you will enjoy open water kayaking, cave visits and even get to see the Faraglioni di Capri which is a famous rock formation located there.

Go biking in Rome

Have you ever being to the holy city? You will agree with me that there is no better place to bike through in Italy than Rome. Using bicycles is the best way to explore one of the oldest city in Italy, you can leisurely cycle around in the city and take in some of the best screenies in the world. There are so many places you can cruise to, and with little help, you will tour the whole city in less than 48 hours.

Biking in Rome