Top 7 Best Cafes to Visit in Italy

The local cafes in Italy are extremely popular and the heart of most Italian villages. There are numerous Italian cafes to choose from whether you are a local or just visiting. Italy is known for pizza and spaghetti, however, you can find many other delicious Italian staples at any nearby cafe, from cappuccinos to croissants. The local cafes are perfect for people watching or just soaking up the Italian lifestyle. Almost every cafe in Italy offers free WIFI, so whether you’re looking for online fun with games for young or adults, or do some online shopping, you can do so in peace while enjoying something hot and delicious at any of these cafes. Here’s a list of the top seven best cafes to visit in Italy.

Pasticceria Andreotti

A warm and inviting cafe located in a nice Italian neighborhood, this cafe serves up hot coffee and warm pastries. Whether you are stopping in to start your day with breakfast or for a midday lunch before going out and exploring the town, you won’t be disappointed. Popular favorites here are the cakes, coffee, and gelato when it is in season. This pasticceria will specially hand wrap any pastries that you want to take with you to go.

Antico Caffe Greco

Antico Caffe Greco

Antico Caffe Greco is Rome’s oldest coffee bar dating back to the 1700’s, and is beautifully decorated with oil paintings, marble tables, and red velvet. The cafe is located in one of the most exclusive streets in Rome, with prices to match. This cafe, serving up breakfast and brunch, is mostly visited by tourists just passing through wanting to get their coffee fix. Tourists love it because you can take in some of Italy’s history from the huge array of historical photos up on the walls. The coffee is said to taste best standing up, as it is much more expensive when you are setting at a table. Caffe Greco’s staples include espressos, cannolis, and wine.


This well-known cafe is the oldest ice cream parlor in Rome and has been serving up ice cream and gelato since the early 1900’s. Everyone loves the gelato at Giolitti, as they have several different flavors to choose from. The ice cream is presented beautifully and taste even better. Many tourists visit this eatery and return several times throughout their stay in Rome. Giolitti has an old-world dining room inside with a modern-contemporary feel and appeals to everyone from kids to honeymooning couples.

Caffe delle Arti

Caffe delle Arti is located in the Villa Borghese’s National Gallery of Modern Art and is the finest museum cafe in Italy. The cafe boasts a beautiful terrace where you can relax and enjoy fine dining outside on warm sunny days. This cafe serves up some of the finest Italian in the area. Popular staples include their sandwiches, pasta, and colorful salads, which are their lighter options, but they also offer a full sit down menu, as well as a buffet. Guests keep coming back to this fashionable cafe because they enjoy the beautiful art, the great location, along with the fresh foods and decadent desserts.

News Cafe

News Cafe

This cafe gets its name from the racks of newspapers available for their customers to read while enjoying their coffee, teas, or cappuccinos. News Cafe is one of the most popular coffee cafes in Florence, Italy. News Cafe is super famous for their creative latte artwork. The quiet, quaint place is perfect for all day dining, as they serve up delicious soups, salads, and pastas. There’s no way you can visit Florence and not stop in to get your dose of caffeine, learn what’s going on in the headlines, and just enjoy the scenery.


Hemingway is a cozy, beautifully decorated cafe that’s famous for their hot chocolate. One of the only cafes in the area with an array of hot chocolates to choose from, all of them being equally delicious. This cafe is every chocolate lover’s dream, serving up some of the best chocolate desserts. Hemingway also houses a full bar and serves liquor and wine. So, whether you are going for brunch or late night for a nightcap, there’s something to delight your taste buds.


Babington is a traditional English tea room that was founded in 1835 and is still run by the same family today. Babington offers an extensive menu, dishing up everything from breakfast to dinner. You have your choice of English and continental breakfasts, a traditional brunch including sandwiches and salad, along with cocktails and delicious tea. They offer a nice selection of cakes, breads, muffins and pastries that are all baked fresh each day. Babington is a popular spot where guests enjoy the quiet and calm environment while indulging in some the best Italian dishes.