Top Islands to Visit in Italy

Italy is a dream destination for many people who go on vacation, and part of the appeal is the fact that there are islands that one can visit. There are many islands off the coast of Italy. Some of them are smaller than others, some are bigger and more populated. You can travel to them by boat and enjoy the great beaches and warm weather.


One of the more well-known islands is Sardinia. Sardinia is a large island with over 1800 km of coastline. It is in fact one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and has gorgeous sandy beaches and cork oak forests in various places. There is much to do and see on the island and in fact the Su Nuraxi di Barumini is an architectural site that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful landscapes and scenery and the rich history of the region make this a wonderful island to visit.


Elba is another island that is worth a visit. This island offers a variety of activities such as windsurfing, mountain climbing and biking. This island is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and is the third largest island after Sardinia and Sicily. The Tuscan Archipelago National Park is the largest European marine park. The island of Elba is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear blue sea. Snorkeling and diving are popular around the island.


Another excellent island for snorkeling and diving is the island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean. This island has beautiful beaches and scenery and crystal-clear waters. Spiaggia dei Conigli is the best beach on the island and has been designated as part of a nature reserve. This beach is a must for nature lovers to visit. There is only one town on the island and as a result this island offers a nice quiet retreat and relaxing atmosphere for visitors.


The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is Sicily. Syracuse, Palermo and Catania are the cities that are most popular to visit on the island. Sicily also has the spectacular Mount Etna which is in fact the highest volcano found in Europe. It has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are well worth a visit. These include Mount Etna and a roman villa and necropolis. There is also a volcanic archipelago known as the Aeolian Islands. The Sicilian ceramics and baroque architecture are famous and wonderful to see. The cities have wonderful outdoor festivals and amazing cuisine. In fact, there is a great deal that you can do on Sicily.


If you are interested in volcanoes and want to go somewhere that is not overrun with tourists, then a visit to the island of Stromboli would be a good idea. This is part of the Aeolian archipelago and has a few quaint villages, an active volcano and lava beaches.


Ischia is an island that is found in the Gulf of Naples. The main city, also called Ischia and the town of Forio, are vibrant with nightlife, restaurants and shops. The island of Capri in the Bay of Naples is popular with visitors. It has the amazing Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) sea cave. The town of Capri offers high end fashion and restaurants.