Top Natural Sights to Visit in Italy

Here are a few of the greatest natural sights in Italy.


Located in the coast of Amalfi, we have a hidden village called Furore. Apparently, this small place has been off the grid for a long time for anyone who passed by. Until the mayor decided that it was too beautiful to remain hidden. So, since then, he instructed for all the local buildings to be painted in bright colours so that anyone would not miss this unappreciated town. And this tradition has been kept to this very day, as every year, artists all over the world are invited to come over and paint masterpieces on the buildings.

Because of how hidden this place is, it is rarely visited, making it a great place to go to if you want a break from the chaotic city. It is also known for its famous fiord, which is a long and narrow inlet of the sea between high cliffs. This makes it a great place to hit in summer, not only is it beautiful, but rather quiet and calm, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free day.

Valleys of Tuscany

I’m pretty sure you knew this was going to be on the list, as everyone knows Tuscany is a must see if you ever visit Italy. And it’s on this list for a reason. It has got many valleys that you could visit, with loads of villas where you could lodge at, and the sights are truly breath-taking.

Terme di Saturnia

“Terme di Saturnia” or “Hot Springs of Saturnia” which are located in the middle of Tuscany, are truly remarkable. These were used in the ancient Roman times, as they believed that they were curative, and the heat was coming from Hades, or the underworld. The legend on this particular spot though, was that apparently, Jupiter was furious at Saturn. He began to dart lightning bolts towards Saturn, and he missed, making him hit this place and create the springs we know and love today.

Gran Paradiso National Park

This is a pretty much all-in-one package. The Gran Paradiso National Park offers hikes, landscapes, glaciers, alpine meadows, and is even a reserve for various endangered species. You can have a look at any of the villages surrounding the area, for all of them offer great activities that will help you make the best of your stay in this place.


Being the biggest Island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has beautiful views as well as some attractive beaches. The good thing about this Island is that, because of its breath-taking sights, it has become a tourist-site which means, this island has got tons of fun activities for you to do such as water skiing, horseback riding and sailing. It also holds fantastic restaurants.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in all of Italy. It is located in the alpine region and was apparently formed by glaciers. Other than the various historic towns surrounding the lake you could visit; this natural site does offer some fun activities, such as hiking and climbing that will let you appreciate nature’s beauty first hand.